Band name:

Band members plus instruments:
Mani (Vocals/Guitar)
Patze (Bass/Vocals)
Dani (Drums)

Where are you from:
Graz (Austria)

Favorite venue to play:
Aiaiai, there are so many. We love DIY venues.
Graz (SUb, Music-house), Luzern (Sedel), Linz (KAPU), Vienna (EKH, Arena), Munich (Kafe Marat)

Describe your band in 3 words:
Long distance driving


Latest release:
I Can’t Relax In Hinterland (2017, Aggressive Punk Produktionen)

Next gig:
28.11. (CH) Luzern / Sedel + Dritte Wahl

Worst show/club you ever played:
There is one funny story haha. When we played our first weekender in Swizzerland 8-9 years ago, we came to the venue way to early. When we arrived there we went into the venue and nearly every couch there was full of puke. A few minutes later we met the promoters, who weren‘t really interested in that show. They showed us the „sleeping room“, which was really disgusting. I can remeber that it was sooo dirty and there were used things laying in the whole room you didn’t want to see haha. I think there are technopartys at this venue normally. After the concert two of us slept in the car and the other two guys were looking for a couch, which wasn’t completely puked. I have to say that we played more than 300 shows in the last years and we are really fine with nearly everything but that was the first (and only) venue where we did not feel comfortable. In the next years we played nearly every year in Swizzerland and we liked it a lot. There are so many great promoters/DIY-venues.

Funniest thing ever happened on tour:
There were a lot. Just on the last tour with a guy named lou, when we were checked by the border officials at the croatian border. The cops wanted to know, what kind of music our bands are playing. Of course our answer was „Hard Rock like Limp Bizkit“. What else? After that, they wanted to know the name of the bands. They googled a guy named lou after that and two minutes later, we could hear the cops playing a song of a guy named lou very loud in their border office. The cops constantly let us know, how much they love the song by pointing their thumbs in the air combined with a big fat smile. What an absurd situation. Not all cops are bastards. (just kidding, they are.)

Favorite tour drink:
Tequilla Royal and Gin Tonic with Beer. If you want to know more about the mixture, just write us a message!

All-time favorite  record in the tourbus:
That’s a hard one.
Kaput Krauts – Quo Vadis, Arschloch?
Descendents – Everything Sux
Pascow – Alles muss kaputt sein

These 5 bands inspired us:
Alarmsignal, Propagandhi, Astpai, Kaput Krauts, Feine Sahne Fischfilet

One band you want to play with:
WIZO. They were the first Punkband I ever listened to. Would love to play some shows with them!

„No-go“ at your shows: 
Sexist and macho behaviour. It’s disgusting.

Future plans:
Making new friends, writing a new album, going on tour and having fun.

That’s something we want to achieve as a band:
Touring with bands we like.

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