Band name:

Band members plus instruments:
Patrick – vocals
Timo – guitar
Konni – bass
Walt – drums

Where are you from:
Linz, Austria

Favourite venue to play:
so far Club Wakuum, Graz

Describe your band in 3 words:
passion, energy, rock’n’roll


Latest release:
„Thrill And Fever“ EP, released Jan 2019

worst show/club you‘ve ever played:
Haven’t had a really bad experience so far

funniest thing ever happened on tour:
Last spring we played a small festival in Upper Austria. It was a DIY-style stage, made out of pallets and everything. It looked pretty cool, but it was also kinda shaky and the space behind the drum kit was pretty narrow. During soundcheck Walt wanted to stand up from his kit to get something, when he suddenly tripped and fell over backwards through the rear wall of the stage (which was patched together from dozens of black trash bags). Thankfully he didn’t hurt himself, but he tore a massive hole in that „backdrop“. So for the rest of the night the audience could have a peek at what was going on backstage.

Favourite tour drink:
beer (what a surprise)

alltime favourite record in the tourbus:
It depends – right now we listen to „Street Worms“ by Viagra Boys a lot

These 5 bands inspired us:
Alice In Chains, Sasquatch, Brant Björk, Black Sabbath, AC/DC

one band you want to play with:
Brant Björk

a „no-go“ at your shows: 
Don’t stand around with your arms crossed trying to look cool at any cost – just enjoy the damn show!

Future plans:
We’ve got two single releases coming up in the next few months and there’s a small tour through Austria and some neighboring countries together with The Dead-End Alley Band in planning right now. Maybe follow us on Facebook ( or Instagram (@sunstain_band) to stay up to date

that’s something we want to achieve as a band:
We wanna write songs that we are proud of, see new places, make new friends and just overall have a great time together making music and put on some unforgettable, energetic shows for people to enjoy.

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