Band name:

Band members plus instruments:
Thomas – Vocals
Florian – Guitar and Vocals
Bernd – Guitar
Chris – Bass
Phillip – Drums

Where are you from:
Kirchbach / Austria

Favourite venue to play:
Hard to say, probably your basement.

Describe your band in 3 words:
In your face


Latest release:

8082 – ‘Self Titled’ EP

Next gig:
Nothing planned yet. If you know a show or a venue where we can play just hit us up!

worst show/club you‘ve ever played:
We haven’t had a worst show yet. Only different experiences.

funniest thing ever happened on tour:
We played a show in Zabok/Croatia with our friends ‘.upset’ (shout out to the guys) and they organized a small nice house in the hills around the city to sleep over. Everything was perfect! After 5 minutes or so we smelled this terrible dog shit smell everywhere in the house. Our drummer stepped into it and smeared it all over the place. Step by step! On the next morning we realized the dog shit was right on the doorstep. What a wonderful welcome gift!

Favourite tour drink:

alltime favourite record in the tourbus:
We listen to all kind of different stuff but on Haddaway – What is love we really went crazy last time ;D

These 5 bands inspired us:

Bounz The Ball
Sick Of It All
Trapped Under Ice

one band you want to play with:
There are so many out there. We want to play with all the bands, young or old, of every genre, which really like to play their own music and looking for a great show and a fun time! Unless they aren’t complete scumbags and aren’t part of some stupid ideologies, which we can’t accept.

a „no-go“ at your shows:
Standing still – just move yourself and the person next to you!

Future plans:
Play as many shows as possible and share our music with everyone out there who wants to hear and enjoy it.

that’s something we want to achieve as a band:
Improve as musicians, keep creating music that we want to hear and never losing fun doing it.

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