Aerial who? That’s maybe something a lot of you guys around here in central Europe will ask themselves. How should I describe Aerial Salad to someone who has never heard them before? That’s on one hand the hard thing with that band, cause most of the times we describe bands with comparing them to other bands or styles and you can’t compare Aerial Salad to other bands. And on the other hand that’s the cool thing, cause we have so much bands around these days sounding like something we’ve heard a hundred times before.
I saw them live about a year ago in Manchester and I was fascinated by them. I like that they not only have this “Fuck society and everything mainstream”  Punk attitude, they have a “fuck everything punk was ever about” attitude. You can’t put them in any genre, their simple artworks (which of course look great in their own way) and they don’t have a punk look. To be clear about that, neither do I think that Punk bands should fit in any category, nor do I think that bands should give a fuck about any rules.

And now let’s talk about the only thing that matters, music. Cause this article should be about Aerial Salad’s newest record called Dirt Mall out on their own label Roach Industries.
Lucky me was allowed to pre-listen to this thing and 9 tracks and about 27 minutes later I already knew that I would love that record. Like I mentioned it earlier, Aerial Salad are not fitting in any genre I know (maybe I don’t know much about music) and I always enjoy listening to stuff that goes off the path. Honestly if you ask me to describe to you why I like that record, I can’t tell you. The only thing I can tell you is, that I like it. But isn’t that what music should always be about? Not mentioning thousands of bands that sound similar to describe a band and only enjoy listening to it? And of course I know that me as being a writer for a fanzine, I should not write words like I did before, cause this would also mean that a fanzine makes no sense at all haha So let’s stop here and just mention some songs I really like and which I put into my favorites in the last week(s)
First there is the song Romance that was used as a pre-single with a hilarious video!

Fever Dream is a slower and more epic song that hit me from the first time I was listening to the record. That chorus should be a sing-along at their upcoming gigs!
If you want a bit more faster and more punkrock-ish, you should definitely check out the title track Dirt Mall. A banger from start to end.
The second last song of that record Lazy, is maybe my new Corona-Homeoffice-Crisis anthem.
If you want something that goes off the usual genres and if you want to experience something different and new, you have to listen to that record! If you are just simply a punk fan, you have to listen to it too!
– written by Martin

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