Honestly I’m not the biggest fan of the newer Hardcore these days and I can’t stand all this macho-poser-bullshit, but I always had a thing for Hardcore bands bringing in their Punkrock roots and some good political attitude. Which means I really love it when those bands go melodic.
Some weeks ago a two song EP from a band called Be Well jumped into my random playlist and it hit me from the first chord. Straight forward Hardcore with lots of melodic parts.

When I checked out the background of the band I found out that it’s like a „supergroup“ formed by people well known in the scene and already playing in bands like Bane, Converge, Fairweather, Only Crime, Darkest hour and  so on…
The two tracks went on constant repeat for days, but what makes them so great? On one hand of course it’s the music and as mentioned earlier I love how they always jump between Hardcorish sounds and melodic Punkrock. It’s nothing really new, but it comes so fresh straight into your face, which didn’t happen to me in a long time. I always loved Bane and of course Only Crime. So maybe Aaron Dalbec the bassplayer is the reason? Cause he plays in both bands, but then there is the vocals which are so emotional that you can somehow feel the pain of singer Brian McTernan when he sings about his darker days like in the song Strength For Breath:

I love you to death
You’re the reason I have strength for breath
Here I am clearly not at my best,
I’m sorry if I let you down

The band is already working on a full length record and honestly if it’s somehow close to the power they delivered on this two song EP it will be one of the top records in 2020. There is no release date, but the band already posted on Facebook that they are working on it:
– written by Martin

We are so thankful for all the support for the single!! We are working on the LP as we speak. VERY excited about it!

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