Hello mom
hello dad
this is my new bride
she has no job
but she is nice to fuck


These words are taken from the song Punk Bride by Fat Chester taken from their latest release Comeback Reality. I put them at the beginning of that review to show you how much „punk“ you will get in that review.
But let’s start with the positive things from that record. The music is well poduced and of course well performed. The whole thing sounds like most of the fat wreck-ish bands around these days, nothing special, but also not bad and good to listen to in between some other records.

The band put lots of effort in their marketing before the record was released, so we at Punktacks Magazine were really curious to see what that record will be like. Not sure if the title of that record was meant to have some deeper meanings or to give the people the idea that this is about a comeback or something like that….well let’s keep that topic and go on to something else.
I  mentioned that they put lots of effort in their marketing and one of those things was a call out to all the skaters out their, cause Fat Chester are doing a global skate anthem. Well, not sure, but I guess Skate and Punk should be that global skate anthem? I’m happy that I stopped skating 20 years ago…down to earth was the words I was looking for I guess?
Maybe in between to make things clear, normally I’m writing reviews about the music I get to listen to, but it’s always also about the attitude in Punkrock and a review must always also be about the attitude of a band, cause „our“ scene lives from it’s political correctnes and that’s the reason why I’m criticizing things here.

Reading things like that they got so many requests from labels and they rather choose a small label than a big label like sony, doesn’t make things look better. I mean, really??? Do people really believe such bullshit? If so I think humanity is really lost. Of course we all believe, that in times when well know bands in the scene are fighting to get some record deals with independent labels, a young upper austrian band enters the scene and gets lots of offers from big labels! Not sure if I should laugh or cry!?
But now back to the words I wrote at the beginning. All the things I mentioned in that review are somehow things that are the bands decisions and I should not really care about, cause it’s their own thing and if there are people listening to stuff like that, then who cares? BUT writing lyrics, like in their song Punk Bride is pure sexism and that’s when all the tolerance has to end. And of course I know they will argue with things like it’s punkrock and should not really been taken seriously. This shitty behaviour has to be taken seriously and something the scene should have no tolerance for. We already have enough shitty macho punks in „our“ scene!
Honestly the last few words are the only reason why I wrote this review, cause if it’s just about music I don’t like, I wouldn’t waste my time on writing a review. Here it’s not a matter of different tastes in music, here it is a matter of attitude, respect and responsibility to denounce certain things!
– written by Martin

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