I was strolling around SBÄM FEST last weekend, when a big bearded guy gave me a CD for free. Well I said why not and gave it a listen the next day at home. While I was listening to the two song record, I checked them out on Facebook and found out that they are from the region where I come from, released the CD on SBÄM records, who of course also made the artwork.

The funny thing is the first time listening to it, I was not sure if I would like it, cause somehow I was constantly thinking Why the hell is this stuff always reminding me on some specific songs from Green Day or Nirvana? But the more I was listening to it I really liked the stuff and the fact that a new band is around in the region I live. Not sure how to describe their sound or comparing it with something, just check it out.

It’s a solid start for a young band and definitely something they can build on a future longplayer.
– written by Martin

1. Wasted
2. Dry Mouth

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