I think it’s not a big secret anymore, that the UK has this great and big newschool skatepunk scene nowadays. For me it was great to discover all those fast, technical and still melodic bands. One of those bands is PMX. I saw them live last year in Manchester and was totally impressed.
Last Friday they released a new record called CTRL ALT DEL and I immediately had to check it out.

If you are a fan of oldschool 90ies skatepunk mixed with some modern tech parts, this record will be on constant repeat in your record player. I can gurantee that!
You want to know what I mean with that? Well, tune in the track words with it’s catchy melodic chorus and the beating drums, that are so typical for the kind of punkrock I grew up with. But the thing that makes a difference to all those 90ies bands still playing their sound on and on, is this bigger sense of musical ability. Or at least that’s the feeling I get when listening to PMX, but also to some other newer bands. Maybe it has also to do with me not being 16 anymore and maybe having some higher expectations on punkrock.
But who cares? The only thing that matters is that I really like what PMX are doing on that record.
Leave me be, with it’s epic and melancholic parts, really gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it. Maybe my favourite track on that record?

As a final conclusion I have to say it’s a record for all those people out there who grew up with 90ies skatepunk and still are into discovering something new in their beloved genre or are bored by their 90ies heroes putting out the same record for 25 years now.
PMX really show what skatepunk can sound like in 2020. Modern and techy, but still melodic and oldschool which ends in something very fresh and great to listen to and of course bang your heads to!
– written by Martin

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