Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if you mix ACDC and Motörhead with some fast punkrock tunes? You know what? There is a band you should definitely check out. Norway’s finest The Good The Bad and The Zugly.
I think I first heard them about two years ago and always had them in my random playlists. Always liked the mixture of somehow more metalish and rockish vocals mixed with some shameless fast punkrock.

When I heard that they are going to release a new record, I already knew that I have to check it out. It was worth every minute of listening. The opener Welcome to the great indoors starts like an ACDC song to be honest. Fucking great to start a punk record with such chords. As soon as the song really starts you already know where that journey will end. With that band the Rock in Punkrock really shows up. By the way for all of you guys somehow recognize the singers voice. He is also singing in one of Norways most popular metalbands Kvelertak.
Song number 2 Fake Noose keeps up the fast and catchy punk sound, but with Staying with the trouble the speed changes into some melodic rock stuff that really gets stuck in your head and you instantly think of singing along to it.

Kings of inconvenience was the song that stood out for me when I was first listening to it. A song with 57 seconds and lots of punk in your face. That’s how I like it.
After a short break in the next song, Fuck life….but how to live it? is the next hit on an all in all great record. It’s about how to manage a life in the 9 to 5 world and manage to get through the week straight into the weekend.

It’s Friday night 50 euros in my pocket!

Work hard! Full time! Weekend! Blackout

Believe me that song is insanely great!
The Kids are alt-right is about young people going on the streets to protest for a better world, but it’s also about all those kids running into right wing movements and basically stop thinking and just believe everything the media tells them.
Speaking of the media and protest. The next song is a song that every good punk band should have. Fuck the police no more words needed I guess?
Requiem ends a fast, super catchy, melodic Punkrock record that I really enjoy. Already something worth considering for the 2020 top records of the year!
– written by Martin

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