I know all those big Satanic Surfers fans out there will scream out loud if I tell them that this record is the best for me, but it has to do with the time I got in touch with it. In the summer of 2003 I went to a local supermarket and they always had some CD’s for 2 Euros and that’s where I found lots of great punk records, cause at that store in a small town like my hometown nobody bought stuff like that, except me.

So there was this record from a band called Satanic Surfers which I’ve already heard before. It has an x-ray of a head on it’s cover and even the paper of the booklet felt somehow special and different.
It was a summer with lots of computer games and discovering punkrock and that record turned into one of the main soundtracks for me.
Besides all those great memories I connect with that record, it is an amazing record and has some catchy easy-going punk songs.
Imagine it’s summer, you are 16 and you hear lyrics like this:

…I wish it was summer
the sun would shine
I had nothing to do but to waste my time
we could hang out
riding our bikes…

The sing-along summer-song
one of those easy-going punksongs not as heavy as the stuff the band did on their classic 90ies record. Always remember at that point I haven’t listen to records like 666 motor inn or Hero of our time and just found a band doing catchy, fast and melodic punk songs.
The last song of the record is maybe the true jewel on that record. The song diversity is questioning the scene and how it is developing and closing up to new people:

…if we build up walls to surround ourselves and
keep on preaching to the converted
soon this movement will be deserted
there will be no one left to read the statements
I’m not saying this is only entertainment
but how do you expect to reach out to people
with a different point of view
or expose unaware kids to something new
if they dont feel welcome
‚cause they dont agree with everything you say…

Unconsciously confined is still one of my top ten all time favourite records and is still in heavy rotation and will always be.

– written by Martin


1. Forfeiture
2. Thoughts, words, action
3. 4 a.m.
4. Pc = potential criminal
5. Bittersweet
6. The sing-along summer-song
7. State of conformity
8. More to life
9. Don’t let silence be an option
10. Aim to please?
11. Pecan pie
12. Up for sale
13. Diversity

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