Top 5 Records in 2019:

When the Punktacks Fam decided to write Toplists for 2019, I browsed through my records and picked here and there. Oh, this record is from 2018 or even 2017. Seems like time really flies. Finally I had 5 records lying on my couch, that I consider to be the best in 2019. Asked my wife to shoot some pictures and here there are.(Thank you Sarah :-*) – AND sorry for possible english mistakes.






LÜGEN -II (Twisted Chords, VÖ: 24.5.2019)

Beside being one of the most loveliest people I met in the DIY Punk scene, „LÜGEN“ are also great musicians and songwriters. Really looked forward to this record for months.  It exceeded all expectations. Rageing and super smart lyrics combined with a sound that blows my mind. The cover is again an awesome black/white picture, this time they vary from a highway bridge to a crowded beach – „Lass uns gemeinsam noch ein bisschen hassen“



SPERMBIRDS –  GO TO HELL THEN TURN LEFT (Rookie Records, VÖ: 13.9.2019)

Spermbirds bring their first record in years. Suprise, it is awesome. Check my full review here.

PASCOW – JADE ( Kidnap, Rookie, 25.1.2019)

Yes, it is also one of my favorite records this yeas. Looks like the Punktacks family loves „Pascow“. Absolutely justified. Looking forward to two awesome shows in Austria (Event: Vienna, Linz, XO to Diggi).Their last Austria Date in 2011 is way too long ago. PS: Please bring AKJ with their new record.

DEUTSCHE LAICHEN – ST (Zeitstrafe, 19.7.2019)

 Masterpiece from first to last track. Also one of the best shows I visited this year. Here you can find my full review.




Is this a Punkrock record? Definitely not! Is this a Records full of Punk Passion? In my opinion definitely YES! For me „Amanda Fucking Palmer“ is more Punk as „Wölfi“ and make better piano/ukuleles songs then everybody else. –

„Everything is gonna be just fine
Everyone you love is gonna die
Hopefully, this song will come remind you!“

Top 5 Concerts in 2019:

  • Deutsche Laichen at EKH Vienna, 27.04.2019 – Energy, Roughness, Attitude -> perfect Show
  • Lygo at Rock am Berg Merkers,  15.06.2019 – The first time I saw them with their new full length. The moment when you recognize that an already pretty awesome live band is even better as last time
  • Muff Potter at Columbia Halle Berlin, 22.11.2019 – Missed the reunion tour show because of health reasons. But got them in autumn together with HMW-  Awesome evening with awesome humans.
  • Good Riddance at SBÄM FEST 3, 02.05.2019 – I was a little bit drunk and watched them from the stage.This was a bad idea related to sound, but an awesome idea to focus a little bit on Sean’s drumming skills standing next to the drumset. All the best to his family at this point. What an awesome live band every single time.
  • HC BAXXTER at SUb Gradec, 28.04.2019 – I did sound at the show and beside that it was sunday (After the ABC Festival in Vienna) and some things went wrong related to sound and tech stuff, this evening in general was so impressive. Honestly the SUb wasn’t packed as deserved for that awesome line-up (HC BAXXTER, Snarg, Contact High), but when HC started his set this night, I thought does this really happen on a sunday night here in this city.
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