Bad Cop/ Bad Cop were the last band I saw live, at Arena Wien, about a week before hell broke loose for real back in March. The band was on fire that evening, they were eager to play their new songs, the crowd was looking out for each other and everyone had a seriously grand time, celebrating each song, old and new. Probably one of the happiest gigs I ever been to and a memory to cherish.
Ever since their 2017 album Warriors the 4-piece from California has been a firm favorite of mine, and I’m pretty stoked I get to review the new album The Ride.

BC/BC are well known for their special brand of punk: melodious, fast pop punk, with 3 voice harmonies, strong voices and messages, so it’s no wonder that  lyrically, The Ride is not an easy -listening album, it’s a confrontation with a lof of the things that are wrong with this world, things that make life difficult -but also celebrates the bits that make life great- friends, family, getting back up, standing up for yourself.. – to quote my BFF


The album opens up with Originators, a very moshable song about the disenchanted generation that is currently trying to gain back their voice (and boy, are they LOUD)
Next song, though, and probably my favorite song of the record, Certain Kind of Monster starts with a harmonic Aaaaaaaah and launches into the banger of the record- I was lifted off my sofa when it hit. Written with ICE and the treatment of immigrants in the US in mind, it applies worldwide:

Don’t call people illegal
When they’ve done nothing wrong

The topic comes up again a bit later in Pursuit of Liberty– they played this one in Vienna and the anger and pain when Linh was speaking from experience was palpable- not only on stage, but in the audience as well.

Borders are baseless, it’s one human race

– to say these lyrics are relevant at this point of history is an understatement.

All songs touch onto deeply personal topics, making the record maybe their most personal yet . Take My Call  is a bittersweet, upbeat song about the pitfalls of relationships and longing for what was or could have been. Another banger and sure to be crowd-favorite Community is perfect for friendly moshing, singing along and celebrating your chosen family.
First single Simple Girl is, again, so damn relatable- Stacey Dee says the following about it:

I wrote ‚Simple Girl‘ in response to what the man I’m seeing said to me when pausing our relationship…. ‚We both have complicated lives, the next person I’m going to be with is going to be simple.‘ It hurt and got me thinking. I decided then to make a declaration of everything I am and am proud to be. 

Yasssss. Preach it! I personally think this is a message that everyone needs to hear- don’t change who you are, for nobody  <3 
And then Breastless. It discusses a topic that is not often mentioned in punkrock- cancer? And breastcancer even?  I just want to say that I am so damn glad that Stacey is fine and able to talk about it and raise awareness- it’s still the leading type of cancer in women, and even if you survive it, it’s likely to change your life significantly.
I’m not going to go through the album song by song, but rest assured that there are more treasures to uncover- for some I had immediate love, some are still growing on me- I’m not sure if I love it more than Warriors, but it’s a great album that cements Bad Cop/ Bad Cop’s place in punkrock. They deserve all the recognition, and I sure hope they come back to Vienna as soon as possible.
– written by Kathi

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