Super fancy blogger name:

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Punk means to me:
subcultural and politcal resistance mixed with beers, long car drives, friends and a lot of fun

5 records that bring me through every shitty day:

Muff Potter – Bordsteinkantengeschichten

Snarg – Snarg II

Goodbye Fairground – I Started with the Best Intentions

Strike Anywhere – Exit English

Apologies, I Have None –  London

favourite punk location:
SUb Gradec, Kafe Marat Munich

best concert/festival I’ve been to:
Rvivr, Astpai, Dogjaw – SUb Gradec, 24.03.2013 /Rock am Berg Merkers 13.-15.06.2019

my first punk song was:
Wizo’s  ‚Kopfschuss‘ on a self recorded  Mixtape from a schoolfriends bigger sister in 1997, didn’t know what Gestapo or BKA stands for, but sounded awesome  –  „Fickt euch Mörder

If I would be a unicorn for one day, I would:
try to get the copyright on my species and sell tons of merch the day after

Favourite lyric quote:
Song: Oma Hans – 0832
Denn fast alles Was berühmt ist Ist so öde
Ich will sowas nicht hören
Ich will sowas nicht sehen
Ich will sowas nicht fühlen
Ich kann es nicht mehr ab!

What bands are you playing in:
Most relevant (maybe) bass in Antimanifest .
Beside that I do small DIY shows/festivals and release records together with my wife – usedsteel diy shows & records.

I am part of a punk fanzine, because:
Punk ist das geilste!

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