Super fancy blogger name:
Martin Murpott

Describe yourself in 3 words:
Dignified aged Punk

Punk means to me:
A philosophy based on great music for all situations in your fucking life

5 records that bring me through every shitty day:
Chaos UK – Burning Britain E.P.
The Pogues – Red Roses for me
The Specials – Specials
Blut & Eisen – Schrei Doch
The Clash – London Calling

favourite punk location:
Altes Explosiv in Graz (R.I.P.)

best concert/festival I’ve been to:
Flag & Negative Approach (Arena Wien, Kleine Halle, 2016) – I’m just an incredible nostalgic, but they were fucking great on stage too

my first punk song was:
Green Day – Basket Case

Favourite lyric quote:
„Wir woll’n immer artig sein, denn nur so hat man uns gerne
Jeder lebt sein Leben ganz allein und abends fallen die Sterne“ (Feeling B)

If I would be a unicorn for one day, I would:
…be the star on every A Guy Named Lou Concert

What bands are you playing in:
Blowjob Bastards, Nervous Breakdown, Chemtrail Pilots (they are all gone…)

I am part of a punk fanzine, because:
I’ve got nothing better to do than write Reviews and have a couple of brews (with credits to Black Flag)

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