„All-Star-Bands are so 2006“ I recently told a good friend and then Duchamp dropped that record and showed me how wrong I was! Ingo best known as the singer of the Donots and one of the nicest dudes I’ve ever met in that scene, grouped some friends from other bands around him and formed a new band called Duchamp!
First it was just some friends having nothing better to do during lockdown-times than jamming around, but in the end the songs were just too good to not release them, as Ingo posted the other day via social media.

You want to know what that record is all about? Put in the first song „I wanna be your tool“ and you’ll get to know what kind of stuff you can expect from that record. Fast, catchy and melodic Punkrock with Ingo’s voice combined with lots of very fast songs that somehow remind me of late 80ies hardcorish-music and, honestly, I fuckin‘ love those fast songs.
You think four members of some great german punkrockbands (Adam Angst, Waterdown, Schrappmesser, Pendikel, Schrottgrenze, One Man And His Droid, Pale, The Robocop Kraus, Station 17 and Donots) is not all-star enough? Well that, on one hand, makes you some questionable punk-fanatic, but on the other hand that record can also add something to top that and maybe satisfy you.
There are some crazy guest musicians on that record that make every melodic-punk-rock-fan-heart beat even faster.
For example the song „the art of defiance“ is one of those melodic and fast songs I talked about earlier and the great Jason Shevchuck, that you may know from bands like None More Black or Kid Dynamite, is singing guest vocals!

If you read through the names of guest musicians, it’s like a playlist of all my favourite bands! I mean they even got Stephen Egerton from my ALL-time favourite Band the Descendents play on their record.
To complete that list you get Dave Smalley (Dag Nasty / All / Down By Law) and Brian McTernan (Battery / Be Well) which are also musicians whose records are in my record collection. So all in all it can only be a great record with these crazy ingredients!
If you ask me what my favourite song is, I have to say it’s „Train Dodge“ with vocals from Brian McTernan, who sings in Be Well (Check out that band!!!), it’s one of those sing-along-songs that you’ll just have to sing-along to and correct me if I’m wrong, but it has to be somehow a tribute to the movie „Stand by me“?!

So all you Punx out there hating all-star bands, go get that record, put it on and enjoy a great and fresh record played by some old dogs 😉

– written by Martin

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