Super fancy blogger name:

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Punk – Truck – Driver

Punk means to me:

Do whatever I want without harming others!

5 records that bring me through every shitty day:

Descendents –  Everything sux

Pascow – Nächster halt gefliester Boden

Kaput Krauts – Quo vadis Arschloch

The Burnt Tapes – Never Better

No Trigger – Canyoneer

favourite punk location:
a place called Blackbox in my hometown where I used to do my first shows as a promoter

best concert/festival I’ve been to:
Two Days a week festival 2003 (Wiesen) with Vandals, Pennywise, Lagwagon, Less Than Jake and many more

my first punk song was:
The Bloodhound Gang – Along Comes Mary (If you would consider this Punk)

If I would be a unicorn for one day, I would:
Shit rainbows all day long to cure every desease and end every war on earth!

Favourite lyric quote:
Song: DESCENDENTS – When I get old

Will I still hate the cops and have no class
Will all my grown up friends say
They’ve seen this all before
They say „Hey act your age“ and „I’m immature“
Will I do myself proud or only what’s allowed

What bands are you playing in:
Never played in any band! (Way too maisntream) I’m currently DJaying from time to time (Book me!), have a radio show every month and I used to be part of some festivals and punk shows as a promoter for the last 15 years!

I am part of a punk fanzine, because:
Cause I’m always that pain in the ass who talks all day about new records and stuff. Now I can spread that stuff all over the world.


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