Fridays for future
Saturdays for boozing
Sundays for hangovers and Netflix???

…not this time! Sundays for Punkrock!!! But let’s start the story step by step.
A couple of weeks ago, Patze (Hinterland//Shows) asked us (A Guy Named Lou / WOSISJETZT?) if we wanna help him out with a the Detectors show in Graz. For those of you who doesn’t know the Detectors, stop reading this review and inform yourself right now! It’s not my duty to do that for you 😉 (Follow this link to listen to maybe one of the best records ever)
We thought all the things are already fixed and a couple of days before the show we got shocked. The problem was, that there was kind of a communication problem about blocking this date at the SUb. (A DIY venue in Graz, where we usually book shows) So it was kind of fucked up, when we found out that there was already a pop show going on on our date. Patze wrote the organizers of that alternative pop concert an email and tried his best to explain the situation to them. His main question was for sure, if we can put our shows together. The answer was negative, because they didn’t wanna have a mix of different music styles. To be honest, that was not what we expected. Because we’re used to help each other with bands and shows…Anyway… One week before the show we had no venue… Fuck that. With a heavy heart we told the guys from the Detectors that we won’t be able to book the show.

Same afternoon I went to one of my favorite bars in Graz, the Thirsty Heart, to meet Dani for a couple of drinks. We talked about what happened and both of us start getting more and more pissed about the situation. Pippo (one of the two owners) was sitting next to us, no chance to escape our jabbering.
Fuck off guys, let’s do the show here!, he said after a couple of minutes. In that moment we totally forgot that we haven’t asked him. And also the fact, that he is really into the sound of the Detectors.
Are you sure? You never had a live show in your bar before?
Yeah let’s do it!

Five minutes, a couple of phone-calls and messages later everything was arranged. We had a PA System, a venue and one of the best Punkrock bands around these days.
So from that moment on everything was pretty easy. We were five!!! guys (3 different DIY bookings 😀 ) doing this show together – that’s what I call division of work.
We ordered another round to celebrate this moment.

Finally Sunday… Finally show day! We met around 5 pm at Thirsty Heart to prepare everything. First thing was, to get out all the furniture and set up the PA-System. The band arrived like an hour later. There were already a few guests sitting in the beer-garden watching us unloading the van. 5 minutes past 9pm the show started. 50-60 people showed up and the room was more then just packed. The set was around 50min and a mix of their records Deny, Twentyone Days and YEAH!! some new songs from the (FINALLY!!) upcoming new record. Unfortunately with no release date yet.
The whole room was celebrating, dancing and smiling. My personal song highlights I was a Teenage Capitalist, for sure Let me out and a super nice cover of the Beastie Boys song Sabotage … amazing songs.

The gig was a great punkrock show full of energy and a very likable band. Chapeau to the Detectors! Unbelievable great/nice band/guys! Chapeau to everybody showing up and partying on a Sunday in Graz! It was such a great evening! Thanks to Pippo and Kevin for having us in their bar. And special thanks to the rest of the crew!
– written by Joe

Funfact: It was the first Detectors show in Graz ever. And they already sold eighteen T-shirts before they started to play. So I’m pretty sure they’ll be back for another gig!

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