Band name:

Band members plus instruments:
Lukas „Lutte“ Lang: Main Vocals + Guitar
Christopher „Biede“ Biedermann: Backing Vocals + Guitar
Clemens „Cle“ Pecher: Backing Vocals + Bass
Manuel „Manny“ Hölzl: Drums

Where are you from:
Lutte, Biede and Manny are originally from Carinthia (Feldkirchen, Klagenfurt und Villach). Cle is formerly from Salzburg and felt in love with the Carinthian sound of music (or something like this). Now everyone lives in Graz, where we met and fell in love with each other – and formed the Blizzcreeps.

Favorite venue to play:
Always nice to play and a legendary location – Sub, Gradec

Describe your band in 3 words:
Always honest, always thirsty, always funny.

Old school Facebook:

Latest release:
2017 Blizzcreeps – ONE (EP)

Next gig:
Yesterday haha no, actually we don’t know.

Worst show/club you ever played:
It wasn’t the club, it was the show at “Das Bach” (Vienna). Luttes guitar fell down on the floor two times during the songs, so we had to quit the songs, the drum kit was built out of empty beer boxes and duct tape  – and we also forgot our setlist (we don’t really know what else happend, we just drank this evening away ;-))…not the best show we had.

Funniest thing ever happened on tour:
Mhhh… we where only one time on tour with a band called „A guy named Lou“ (crazy people, we love them). I think the whole tour was just funny. A few memories: The Knockout Girl which cleaned the whole table with a body slam, the crazy guy on a gas station which made strange jokes about Benjamin Raich (a skiing guy from Austria or Australia), or the discovery of the year – DJ Terminator. You have to choose. Hehe

Favorite tour drink:
Haha Campari soda combined with much beer!

All-time favorite  record in the tourbus:
No special Record, it’s a DJ, the DJ, DJ Terminator – always the perfect hit on tour.

These 5 bands inspired us:
At the Top:
-Bouncing Souls

One band you want to play with:
The Bronx

„No-go“ at your shows: 
Pay To play and shitty people.

Future plans:
Maybe a new record is in progress/plan?

That’s something we want to achieve as a band:
Not something particular. Have a nice time together, meeting nice people, playing nice shows and making good music with cold refreshing drinks (it‘s beer).

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