Band name:

The Morphine Pilgrims

Band members plus instruments:

Germar Tischler – vocals / guitar
Manuel Zangl – bass/backing vocals
Georg “The” Hatschka – drums

Where are you from:


Favourite venue to play:

dasBach (Vienna)

Describe your band in 3 words:

Straight-forward political PunkRock


Lates release:


Next gig:

unfortunately nothing planned yet

worst show/club you ever played:

Kramladen with “A Guy Named Lou” and some other bands

The funniest thing that ever happened on tour:

Looking back, the worst show mentioned above was also one of the funniest; just not at the time, but at least we got a good story out of it. To cut a long story short: we should have played the opening slot, but we pulled straws and ended up being the headliner. Unfortunately, Hatschka had already had 3 beers when he showed up at the gig and refused to stop drinking until we went on stage. About 10 beers later, he took a nap on his snare in the middle of the gig. It was at that point that “Fredi Füzpappn”, the drummer from “Turbobier” gave him a glass of water, which he poured over his head (instead of drinking it) and proceeded to open yet another beer. When the gig was over, he looked at us and asked if we had played yet… needless to say Manuel was fuming!

Favourite tour drink:


alltime favourite  record in the tourbus:

Operation Ivy – Operation Ivy

These 5 bands inspired us:

Wizo, Blink-182, Subhumans, Screeching Weasel, Ton Steine Scherben

one band you want to play with:

Depends on who you ask:
Hatschka: Blink-182
Zangl: Feine Sahne Fischfilet
Germar: Descendents

a „no-go“ at your shows: 

We are anti violence, sexism, racism, fascism… all of the above are no-goes at our shows!

Future plans:

Our plan for the near future is to get some songs ready and hit the studio to record either a „Greatest Hits“-Album, or a new EP.
Our long-term plan would be to just keep doing what we are doing. Practice every week in our small practice room in Ottakring and play fun shows.

that’s something we want to achieve as a band:

– Record our next LP/EP live in one take as a band.
– Finally playing a tour or playing some shows outside of Vienna.
– Keep having fun while making music together

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