Honestly most of the punkbands or let’s call them punk-acts going into the charts and selling out the big venues, are not my type of thing. But from time to time some hard working people are going to be a “big thing” in the music business. Frank Turner is definitely one of those special things. A punkrock poet, constantly touring and great musician.
On December 15th 2016 he played concert number 2000 of his career in Nottingham. And last year that concert was released as a live record. Me being a big fan of live records, had to check it out and honestly it was worth every 23 times I listened to it in a row.

What makes a live record a great live record in my opinion? Good sound, hearing the crowd singing along and an entertaining musician or band! I can guarantee you’ll get all three things on that record.
When the audience sings the last part of The ballad of me & my friends I always get goosebumps:

And we’re definitely going to hell
But we’ll have all the best stories to tell.

But you’ll also get to hear more punkish songs like Try this at home with lyrics that make every lyric-junkie’s heart beat faster:

Because the only thing
That punk-rock should never really mean
Is not sitting round
And waiting for the lights to turn green
And not thinking that you’re better
‚cause you’re stood up on a stage
If you’re oh, so fucking different
Then who cares what you have to say?

‚Cause there’s no such thing as rockstars
There’s just people who play music
And some of them are just like us
And some of them are dicks

It’s great to hear what great entertainer Frank Turner is and on the other hand what great and down to earth human being. Whether it’s him talking about what injuries he got during all those 2000 concerts or how thankful he is for being in the position he is right now. There are musicians out there playing their roles and there are people out there like Frank Turner. And that’s why I really celebrate a live record like that. Honest and down to earth.
I could go on and on with special moments on that record, like the intro of Photosynthesis, people going off to I still believe or the crowd singing along to Recovery.
If you are into good and honest pop music with lot’s of punk influences. You should definitely listen to that record. If you like great singer/songwriters you also should listen to it. And last but not least, if you are a live-record junkie, like me, you have to listen to it!
– written by Martin

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