To be honest the only things I know about Finland is that it’s cold in winter, lot’s of alcohol and the band One Hidden Frame.
A week ago somebody has sent me a link to a split EP from the bands Kuritus and Teresa Banks. I’m alway curious about new bands so I was listening to the first song Kaikesta Huolimatta from Kuritus which is completely sung in finnish and the title means Despite Everything (google translate). It’s fast melodic skatepunk and from the first chords I was totally into it.
Song number 2 Strike The Match is a 90 seconds banger straight forward. Listening to both songs Ialways thought I want to hear more from that band.

The B-side contains two songs from the band Teresa Banks and the only thing that changes is the band, but the motto is still fast and straight forward melodic skatepunk. Try Empathy has this ongoing fast and hard drum beats we all love about skatepunk combined with tech guitar riffs and great vocals.
Back to the future stays on the same path as the three songs before, except for the middle part where they put in some off-beat part that ends up in an even faster ending of the song.

I really like the four song split EP, it’s solid and definitely something I listened to often. What I also like about the EP is that it shows the variety of great bands all over europe or the world. It’s a solid skatepunk EP that I would recommend to everyone who is into that kind of punkrock.
– written by Martin

1. Kuritus – Kaikesta Huolimatta
2. Kuritus – Strike The Match
3. Teresa Banks – Try Empathy
4. Teresa Banks – Back To The Future

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