Imagine you are riding down an american highway listening to Motörhead and after some time you simply get bored by the music and want to go for something faster. My suggestion throw in the new record from The Devils Rejects (INTRODUCING BANDS TO YOU).
As a person who enjoys going to small gigs in the city of Linz on a regular basis, I’m totally aware of who The Devils Rejects are and what they contribute to the local DIY scene. Passionate skateboarders, hard working band and most important a band that you can also have great hangs with. In times when some upper Austrian bands with no real punk background pretend to be a stadium band, write global skate-hymns and talk about getting offers from major labels, it’s great to have some down to earth DIY bands in our scene

The Devils Rejects are shredding 11/12 songs in your face as fast as they can and the music goes somewhere between Motörhead, stoner rock, good old Leatherface and some highway rock. Tight music and that great voice from vocalist Grü. If you have ever the chance to see those guys live, go for it!
If you take a song like New old story you can hear the deep punk roots that band has.  Fast, tight and in your face! That’s what that record is all about.

Leatherface reminds me, not only cause of the song title, but mostly cause of the intro part and the lyrics on one of the greatest bands of all time and one of my personal favorites. Of course, I’m talking about Leatherface and Grü sounds in the intro a bit like Frankie Stubbs the iconic singer of Leatherface.
With Dr. Krise The Devils Recjects are throwing in a cover of a song from one of those legendary bands from Linz, Vacunt.
And as rumors are told if you buy the vinyl version of the record, you can pretend to be Sherlock Holmes and go on a search for a hidden track 😉
I really like the people behind the band, I always liked their music and I’m really looking forward to their record release party!
– written by Martin

Upcoming gigs:

February 15th at EKH Vienna
February 21st at Arena Beisl Vienna with Vacunt
February 28th record release Party at KAPU Linz with Boogie Hammer and Vacunt
March 3rd at JUZ Malaria Tragwein with Vacunt and Resi
March 21st at MARK Salzburg with Vacunt and Wet Spinach

You can order the record here or buy it at their shows!

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