I need a remedy of diesel and dust, Something I taste with the things I can trust– simply brilliant! Don’t remember when I first heard that song, but to write such a strong opener for an album is the art of making a great one. I was stoked every time I saw this song live. I think there was a time, when they were really used to play the song as an opener for their set. Surprise- I also loved it.

Nevertheless, I am not the biggest Hot Water fan, but this album totally rips in my opinion. Yeah right, Exister is cool too, but the mass of hits I can’t feel within another Hot Water Album. As said, I like their music but l hate lumberjack shirts.

After the already mentioned opener Remedy, which already showed the threat of the whole album, there is Trusty Chords. That’s the best Hot Water song for tons of people. Copied thousand times, never reached. Even or especially when I am listening to that song at work (with headphones), I raise the forefinger and scream I hate this place, but I love these chords. Strange looks of workmates included.

There are slower ones, there are faster ones. It’s a car drive masterpiece and that’s not a negative statement for me.

All in all just stable songs. A record you can hear from beginning to the end and that is a rarity for me, but a big sign of quality.

Last but not less awesome – We are wayfarers with are wish to stay alive – at the moment I am a Train Traveler, but yeah to stay alive is awesome. And after a short but uncomfortable sleep with 4 other guys on a 2 square meter train room, I will hear all these awesome songs tomorrow evening when Hot Water Music will play the entire Caution Album at Columbia Halle Berlin. That should be worth a shitty night in a train. If the concert was as cool as expected, you will hear next week by Jo and me.
– written by nutzn

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