Top 5 Records 2019:

Pascow – Jade

Very close to a perfect record. I love the puns in their lyrics. By far the best record of 2019. German Punkrock is still alive!

Not On Tour – Growing Pains

Probably not their best record, but I love their attitude and hey, their songs have the perfect length for punkrock music.

Lagwagon – Railer

Lagwagon are back – old but still gold. No more words needed.

Tiny Moving Parts – breathe

Very energetic record. This guitar player is almost too good for this style of music. He sings a lot about beeing unable to breathe. Hope he´s doing well. Bless you, man!

Kettcar – …und das geht so (live)

I´m honest.. It was hard to find 5 good records in 2019, so I decided to put this live record on my list, because I really love the band. The album gives you the feeling of being in the middle of the concert and captures the mood perfectly.


TOP 5 Concerts:

Die Ärzte – Kino Siska//Ljubljana (SVK) 21.05.

After six years, the self-appointed „best band in the world“ did a small tour through non-german-speaking countries. It was a very special show, because they normally play in front of 10.000-20.000 people, but the show at Kino Siska was a very small and intimate gig in front of 700 people and hell yeah, they are as good as they used to be in the 90´s – still my favourite band.

A Guy Named Lou + Missstand – SUB//Graz (AUT) 15.09.

If you look up for -“perfect DIY Punkrock show“ in an encyclopedia, you will find a description of this show. Two Local Heroes , good friends and the legendary Schützenbräu in my favourite punk location – couldn´t get better.

Muff Potter – Backstage//Munich (GER) 01.02.

One of my all time favorite bands. It was the first time I could see them live. Awesome performance, enthusiastic crowd and a perfect setlist. 100% happiness

Not On Tour – SBÄM Fest//Wels (AUT) 02.05.

NOT are one of the most interesting „new“ punkrock bands these days. They surprised me with the most energetic show I ever saw. Could chat with the members after the gig, which was very nice and fun. Lovely people.

The Detectors – The Thirsty Heart//Graz (AUT) 13.10.

My first experience as a concert-organizer together with my bass army (Jo, Patze, Siegi). We put one of our favorite bands and one of our favorite pubs together, made a wonderful couple out of it and had maybe the best Sunday of this year. (Review)

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